The Moscow Mule

The Moscow Mule was invented in 1941 by John Martin.  This cocktail is very popular as it is uniquely served in copper mugs.  The popularity of this drink spread as the drink is quite refreshing thanks to its spicy ginger flavor.

The thing about the Moscow mule is that it helped popularize three items – vodka, ginger beer, and copper mug.  Bak then, the three were not exactly an easy sell.  John Martin had trouble selling his ginger beer and his friend how made copper mugs also had trouble selling them.  Vodka was also just introduced stateside back then and was not very popular as it lacked many essences.  It was the ingenuity of John Martin that helped him make the three become sellable.  Since the Moscow mule needed only vodka, ginger beer, a copper mug, and a little lime wedge, he helped create a very refreshing cocktail drink that many people still enjoy today.